WIKIPEDIAN.NET – Comments from the editor of this blog website William Bleutler is the editor. His goal is to explain to people his blogs, and to teach them how his website is designed to work. Mr. Bleutler does not work for the Wikipedian, it has no ads, for it is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. There are now about 4 million articles in english on the Wikipedia. “Wiki” is a software that allows for collaborate editing worldwide on the internet. “Alexa” is a web rating website. Wikipedia is rated by Alexa as being in 6th place in the U.S. as the most frequently read web site on the internet. Willian Beutler does research for wikipedia professionally. Wikipedia even has a political effect. It has been reported that there are U.S. congressional professional staffers that edit wikipedia articles, because of the articles political influences. Vandalism is sometimes a problem on wikipedia, where people intentionally cause damage to web pages. Anyone can edit Wikipedia – or create a new page. As of 2010, wikipedia has been in existence 10 years. Jimmy Wales is the wikipedia founder. Approximately 30,000 people make one edit per month on the wikipedia. It is forbidden to report the true identity of a person editing wikipedia. There are conflict of interest rules for wikipedia, that generally discourage people writing about themselves, where advancing personal aims is more central then the aims of wikipedia. A big controversy occurred with wikipedia in 2005, where a person changed the details of Mr. John Seigenthaler and reported untrue remarks about him . After this hoax, a new policy was instituted at wikipedia where articles about living people should only have comments from reliable sources. The wikipedia is not necessarily interested in truth, but needs to be based on reliable sources. The wikipedia community consists of about 3000 voluntary workers that donate their time. The wikipedia foundation has no say in the editorial comment of the community, but can put a “lock” on problematic articles, but generally all articles can be edited by the community. The wikipedia foundation also has instituted a system of “recent changes control” to look for problematic edits to control vandalism.

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