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Benjamin Netanyahu

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"I have no doubt that by the end of this century, militant Islam will be defeated." PM Benjamin Netanyahu #Tomorrow12
3 hours ago – by @Presidentconf on twitter

assad and the situation in syria

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Syria Crisis: Military Jet Pilot Defects To Jordan – Huffington Post

The air force is considered fiercely loyal to Assad's regime, and the defection suggests … speaks to reporters after addressing the Security Council on the si…
2 hours ago – on bing


Syria, Iran, Russia and China plan joint war games, Iranian news agency says 06/19/12 This looks like a prelude to the battle of Armageddon …
2 hours ago – by Marilyn Scher on facebook


Reports: West may offer Syria's Bashar Assad immunity if he gives up power


The U.S. and U.K. are considering letting Syria’s President Bashar Assad have immunity from prosecution if he agrees to relinquish power, according to reports. The…
2 hours ago – by shylove on digg

Economic  and social protest in Europe, Israel and the U.S.

Results of our search for economic and social protests;




Untitled Document


3 days ago – by Mirjana Radicevic on facebook

anti-semitism in France



France June 2012


Antisemitism in France At Crisis Level -Govt. Won’t Prosecute Offending Muslims
12 hours ago – by Bobby Brown on facebook


Benjamin Netanyahu

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assad and the situation in syria

Economic  and social protest in Europe, Israel and the U.S.–and-social-protest-in-Europe%2C-Israel-and-the-U.S.

anti-semitism in France


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